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What Do You Need to Know About Dental Extraction Aftercare?

Do you need a dental extraction? Whether crowding, dental decay, or another oral issue is the reason behind the procedure, take a look at the top aftercare questions patients have. How Long Will It Take to Heal? You want to return to your pre-extraction life as soon as possible. But you know your mouth needs […]

False Economies to Avoid When Caring for Your Teeth

In your quest to save money, you need to be careful not to make any missteps that could cause worse problems later. This is especially important in healthcare, including dental health. Neglecting your teeth can cost a lot of money later on. Here are some false economies to avoid when caring for your teeth. 1. […]

What to Know About Dental Implant Side Effects

Patients with missing teeth prefer dental implants because they are strong, permanent, and look and act like natural teeth. Trained dentists perform dental implant surgery, which can carry risks like any surgical procedure. Some side effects of dental implants may occur after your surgery and within the days and weeks afterward. Here’s what you need […]

Why is Fluoride Recommended for Dental Health?

You’ve likely noticed when you’re shopping for dental care products that some toothpastes and mouthwashes specifically state they have fluoride, while others boast that they’re fluoride-free. Fluoride is a mineral recommended by dentists to improve the health of your teeth and gums. Keep reading for more info about fluoride so that you can better understand […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Toothache Care

You have a toothache. Now what? Before you buy an over-the-counter remedy or try another form of relief, take a look at the do’s and don’ts of toothache care. Do Call the Dentist Why do you have a toothache? Chances are you don’t know the cause. This means you also don’t know the right treatment. […]

Natural Products That Could Help Reduce Bad Breath

Bad breath is an embarrassing issue to have, but it may seem like a fact of life to some. If you can’t figure out why it’s happening to you, you may struggle to fix it. Bad breath is typically caused by bad bacteria that grow in your mouth, especially in areas such as on the […]

3 Differences Between Good and Bad Bacteria in Oral Biofilm

The bad bacteria in your mouth tend to get a lot of press. Your dentist may talk about how brushing your teeth disrupts the plaque that these bad bacteria have created. And your antibacterial mouthwash may be designed to kill these bad bacteria so they don’t produce acids and eat away at your teeth. However, […]

4 Steps to Conducting a Review of Your Teeth Cleaning Habits

You’ve heard that brushing and flossing your teeth correctly at home is critical for healthy teeth. But even if you know in your head what correct technique is, you can still go on autopilot when you brush in the morning. So how can you be sure that you’re really getting everything? Here are four steps […]

Prone to Cavities? What You Need to Know

No matter how often you brush, floss and use fluoride rinse on your teeth, you may get cavities. This scenario is real for many people. Despite how well some people care for their teeth, they still get more cavities than those who do not put as much effort into oral hygiene. This is cause for […]

Supercharge Your Kids’ Dental Care Routine This Fall

Although the end of summer may be dearly felt, many children look forward to starting a fresh new school year as fall approaches. Take this time of renewal to reevaluate your kids’ dental care habits. Then try these tactics to help your children supercharge their daily dental care routine to better protect their teeth and […]