Missions/Ministry and Teaching

Dr. Leong is very aware that everything he has is a gift from God. All of the blessings, skills, gifts, properties and assets that we all have are to be used to further His Kingdom on earth and serve Him in a manner that glorifies Him. We are all called to be good stewards or good managers of all that we possess to be of service to Him and those around us. If any of Dr. Leong’s patients need help physically, emotionally, spiritually than to the best of his ability, he will attempt to help you. In the spirit of service, Dr. Leong goes to foreign countries and performs dentistry on those in need. He usually brings some of his staff to participate in these mission trips. He has been going to Nicaragua annually ever since 1992. He now has enough friends and acquaintances there that he has established enough credibility to teach in their dental schools. He teaches their professors and students advanced techniques in the dental schools in an effort to teach them how to fish in addition to giving them the fish.

In addition to his duties as a short term missionary, he serves on a mission board of directors for the International Institute for Christian Studies. This teaching organization provides Christian PhD or doctorate level professors to teach Christianity or any specialized subject with a Christian world view to the secular universities around the world.

Dr. Leong has a Bible study in his home and teaches Biblical subjects in his church, Calvary Chapel in West Melbourne.

Dr. Leong has been teaching advanced dental techniques to his peers for many years. He teaches and lectures in many venues here in the Unites States and abroad. He is the co-chairman for the Implantology division of the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has been teaching there ever since 1984. In this institution, he and his colleagues teach the latest advances in dental implantology and do research to further the science of dental implants.