At the initial examination for a patient, Dr. Leong and his staff, take an extended period of time to gather very important information about your chief concerns, your past medical and dental history and present medical and dental status. During this initial examination a comprehensive visual examination of the oral hard and soft tissues will also include an oral cancer examination, not only the mouth but the glands, lymph nodes and thyroid found in the neck region. To insure that he has not missed any vital visual information, Dr. Leong will take intra oral diagnostic photographs of the teeth and surrounding soft tissue. The photographs will also be taken of the face to understand facial bone formation and skin and muscle formation, which help to determine the function of speech and chewing as well as esthetic appearance of the face. A full set of radiographs of the teeth will be taken. Many times a panoramic radiograph of both jaws will be taken also to determine formation of the skull in relation to the jaws and to determine bone morphology. Panoramic radiographs are also taken to rule out any pathology not visualized in normal dental x-rays.

During our initial interview we will also discuss the national privacy act so that you can be assured that your visits at our office will be privileged information and cannot be seen by anyone else except those you choose. Our sterilization techniques will be discussed if you so desire. Another important aspect of this initial visit is to discuss any insurance coverage and how that coverage relates to your overall fee. Funding through dental credit can be discussed if a person needs such help.

After the thorough and comprehensive examination and interview has been completed, you will be appointed for another visit for a consultation. Dr. Leong will take some time to review his findings and then make note of your individual problems. Then he will diagnose all the problems that pertain to your case and have you back for that consultation to discuss what options are available to you for treatment in relation to the dental problems that were diagnosed.

Comfort and Service

  • Relaxing music / TV available during treatment
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Painless Injections
  • Latest Sterilization Techniques
  • Digital X-Rays (90% Less Radiation)
  • Insurance Counseling
  • Dental & Medical Insurance Accepted

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