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Welcome To The Website of Richard Leong Jr., DDS, PA

Dr. Leong performs all the specialties of dentistry: crowns and bridges, periodontics, oral surgery, dental implants, TMJ, orthodontics, root canal treatments, laser dentistry, 3D CT scans. No need to go from dentist to dentist. His patients come to him because they have difficult problems and he can take care of them without transferring them from specialist to specialist.

Our area is host to Cape Kennedy and the highly technical environment of the NASA space exploration program. Dr. Richard Leong’s office reflects that spirit of high technology in dentistry. His techniques and equipment are always on the cutting edge of his profession. And yet his office personnel are the most friendly and empathetic individuals one will find in a professional office. We invite you to come visit our office and meet our staff and understand that high quality technical expertise can coexist with a warm, casual, welcoming environment.

Dr. Richard Leong and his excellent team are committed to superior and personalized service to handle all of your dental needs. Dr. Leong emphasizes comprehensive care in his practice. Therefore he can perform all of the dental specialties that any one patient would require. You as a patient will rarely have to be referred to other dentists to have all of your necessary treatment done. His watchwords are gentle and pain free care. We as a team are committed to performing dental procedures in a comprehensive, safe, comfortable and friendly environment.

Many of Dr. Leong’s patients come to him because they need this comprehensive care which includes reconstruction of their mouths which have been ravaged with time and dental disease for many years. He can restore the esthetics, function and bite of patients who have been missing their teeth with all the new advances in dentistry. Then after this comprehensive treatment has been accomplished, we as a team are committed to helping our patients maintain their dental health for the rest of their lives with proper hygiene, nutrition and routine preventive follow-up care. Dr. Leong not only practices dentistry, he has been teaching dentistry for many years. He is co-chairman of the Implantology division of the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic in West Palm Beach Florida. He has been teaching dental colleagues how to place and restore dental implants ever since 1982.

When you’re ready to experience a different kind of dental experience, please feel free to contact our office at 321-723-7255 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Leong. We look forward to welcoming you to our dental family.


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