Emergency Care

All patients, new or established, should know that Dr. Leong is available 24/7 to treat your emergencies. During office hours, we will make every attempt to insert you into the schedule as soon as possible on the day that you call. After hours at night or on the weekends or holidays, the voice mail on the office telephone will give you contact information. Dr. Leong’s home phone number is listed in the white pages of the phone book for your convenience in times of trouble. If your call the office and you are directed to call his home and he is not home, then his cell phone number will be on the voice mail at his home. One of the most important features of being a patient in this office is knowing that he is aware of the need for his patients to reach him in times of emergency. He does want to care for you when you have pain or swelling or bleeding. He is available for your emergency needs. He understands that being in the dental profession is being able to care for his patients even after hours if the need arises.

Most emergencies are associated with dental infections in the mouth. If you have pain, swelling or bleeding then an infection associated with a tooth will need to be treated. Dental infections associated with teeth usually have treatment by saving the teeth with root canal treatments. But if the tooth has too much destruction from cavities or gum disease then the infection must be removed by extracting the tooth. Teeth that are salvageable and associated with gum disease will need to have gum treatments. Usually infections will have to be medicated first with antibiotics and analgesics (pain pills) prior to treatment to reduce the infection and the pain. The other true emergencies such as traumatic blows to the face and teeth from automobile/bicycle/skate board accidents or falling will demand much more skillful care. Dr Leong is very prepared to handle these type of events.

Some of the following emergency situations are listed below.

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