The Many Benefits of Implant Dentistry

When it comes to replacing a lost tooth, few restorations are as comprehensive as dental implants. There are many reasons why you should consider this procedure when you have a missing tooth, including:

Restoring Self-Confidence

After you get an implant installed, you will be able to talk and chew with confidence. Your restoration is going to look just like your natural tooth, so you can showcase your pearly whites to anyone without fear. Additionally, since implants are firmly planted into the jawbone, you do not have to worry about the implant moving out of place.

Offering a Long-Lasting Solution

An implant is built to last. The success rate for this procedure is over 95 percent, and many people discover that their implants last for decades without issue.

Preventing Other Health Problems

A dental implant is also good for preventing the surrounding teeth from moving out of position. It also keeps your jawbone resilient. By losing a tooth, your bone tissue loses stimulation, so the jawbone begins to deteriorate. That is prevented with the aid of a dental implant.

With so many outstanding benefits, it only makes sense to talk with your dental professional about getting an implant. You can learn more about restorative dentistry options by contacting Dr. Leong today.