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Patient Testimonials

Cheryl Farris
Dr Leong is a very very knowledgeable in many areas of dentistry. He is a pioneer in the area of implants. I trust his hygentist completely and his staff is very competent and friendly. I would highly recommend!!!

Beth Martinez
Dr. Leong is a fantastic dentist who truly does take time and interest in each patient. His work is divinly inspired, as there is no one who does better that I have ever known. The staff are wonderful and dedicated.

Tammy Taura
Dr. Leong has the latest equipment and very caring staff. Instead of doing a frenectomy with a surgical procedure on my son, he used a less painful laser. The procedure was quick and the recovery was so much faster! He had no problem eating or drinking the next day!
Dr. Leong cares about each patient - not only their dental needs. It is obvious that his practice is a ministry for him to serve others. Thank you, Dr. Leong!

Constance Cook
Love the staff and the attention to details regarding every aspect of what procedures are being done, and for your after-care. Dr. Leong is very thorough. Thanks to everyone there : )

Joni Duy
Very friendly and courteous staff.  Dr. Leong give great painless injections and I have first hand knowledge since I have been coming here 28 years.  Call his office for an appointment

Alexis V. Marsh Dyke
Dr. Leong is not only the best dentist I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, but he is a truly great man. He cares so much and never wants to see someone in pain. So much that you can barely feel it during the numbing process. Thank you so much Dr. Leong! You are a remarkable doctor and person.