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Restorative dental treatment

Compassionate Dentist Performing Oral Surgery

Do you have wisdom teeth or another problem tooth that is causing you pain or discomfort? Dr. Leong is a highly trained and experienced professional who has been providing dental restoration and oral surgery services in Melbourne since 1975. Dr. Leong always begins by seeing if simpler procedures such as composite fillings will work before recommending more serious dental surgery. A composite filling is made of plastic and glass and works to restore both functionality and beauty to your smile.

Teeth Bonding

Perhaps you don't have functionality problems but would still like to mask a discolored or chipped tooth. Dr. Leong can perform tooth bonding to hide minor cosmetic flaws in your smile and leave you feeling more confident. Dental bonding uses a naturally colored resin, adhesive and curing light, and it can last for years.

Dental Bridges and Crowns

In some cases, more serious dental work is necessary. Dr. Leong specializes in providing dental crowns to combat damaged teeth, restore functionality and strengthen weak teeth. If you have missing teeth, he can install dental bridges that correct your bite, improve your ability to chew and speak, and support surrounding teeth.

Other Procedures Include Extractions

Before most of the above procedures can be completed, Dr Leong must first remove any decayed teeth that prevent you from having the smile and functionality you want. Whether your wisdom teeth are crowding the rest of your teeth or you have a rotted tooth that causes you pain, he offers tooth removal services. His goal is to provide the most relaxed environment possible during your extraction procedure.

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If you need a dental bridge, dental sealants or are interested in laser dental restoration, Dr. Leong is ready to help and serves the Palm Bay, Cocoa and Melbourne areas. Call 321-723-7255 to schedule an appointment.