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Dr. Leong uses the latest technology

Laser Dentistry Services We Offer to Patients

Technology has advanced medicine in a variety of ways, and dentistry is no exception. Laser dentistry is the progressive new way for patients to have oral surgery that restores function and beauty to their mouths. Lasers are useful for everything from diagnosing and removing cavities to treating periodontal disease. They can even be used to whiten teeth. A patient who undergoes laser treatment will have several X-rays taken of his or her mouth. This allows Dr. Leong in Melbourne to use a computer to carefully examine a patient’s dental situation and determine the best course of action. Once a treatment is decided upon, a dental laser is used to create very small incisions to remove decayed teeth, crowded teeth or other problematic teeth. From there, Dr. Leong can begin the process of fitting a patient with crowns, bridges or implant teeth.

How It Benefits You

Laser dentistry offers many benefits for patients. Most importantly, it allows for a more accurate procedure, which means healthy gum tissue and that teeth are not as affected as they may be when using less progressive methods. Because laser treatment is less traumatic for the mouth, most patients find they feel less pain, require less anesthesia and do not experience as much bleeding or swelling. In addition, healing is much faster, which means those who are waiting for an implant procedure can get their new teeth in about half the time that it used to take.

Learn More About Treatment Options in Cocoa and Palm Bay Areas

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